Magical Life

The Universal Concept

Magic is a concept that we grab a hold of early in our life. Talk with any child between the ages of 3 and 5 and you will hear them talk about the concept of magic. It is universal. It’s the fascinating idea that can explain all the mysteries of the world, from Santa Claus to plot holes in children’s stories to why a certain toy disappeared. And when you engage a child on the topic of magic, you get to feel some of that wonderment again. 

Imaginary Ideas, Real Joy

Children use magical thinking regularly to create in their imagination the things that they desire in reality.  For instance if they want to play with someone, but no one is available, they just create imaginary characters to play with. The important thing to note is that the use of their magic imagination brings Real Joy.  This leaves me wondering how can adults tap into this powerful concept?

KidsInBoxRocketshipToo Smart for Magic?

As adults we are still enamored with magic, but it is different. We are a lot more jaded, analytical, and too smart to be fooled by imaginary things.  So we don’t pursue imaginary friends, except with reality games such as Second Life. But I think you will agree that, in general, adults don’t allow themselves to experience real joy with their imaginations.

Chasing Magic

We are in search of magic, chasing down all manner of gurus (business, health, wealth, etc.), searching for the perfect lover, taking drugs of all kinds (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and illegal drugs), buying into get rich quick schemes, buying books called The Secret. What are we chasing? Magic. And the joyous feeling it once gave us as children. But for all this chasing and grasping, we never quite obtain magic.

Real Magic

If we can’t get magic from gurus, drugs, lovers or money, then where is the real magic of this world? Aha! It is all around you!

  • It is the fact that you can walk, talk, or even just think.
  • It is the new leaf growing on your tree just outside your front door, that you never stop to notice.
  • It is in the natural imaginations of children and their incredible stories.
  • It is in the Potential to do anything in this world you set your mind to do and take action on.
  • It is the exquisite sensation you feel when listening to your favorite music.
  • It is the powerful sunset and sunrise that happens every day!
  • Where else do you sense it?

Getting It Back yellowfloweronblue

It never left you, you just haven’t tapped into it.  To “get it back” is to open your eyes, your imaginative wonderment eyes.  You can’t hold it. You can only immerse yourself in it. To do this you must release your worry, anxiety, your to-do list, your analysis, your anger and whatever else that has you locked up and feeling tight. Savor at least one moment a day. You’ll find it becomes more and more easy to do this throughout your day. Begin now.

What did you notice today that is magical? Did you feel the joy? Please share your insights and experience!


This short video show how we lose our own imaginations, and illustrates how to open up our thinking.

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