Getting Out of a Rut: Explore the Universe

Problems Problems Everywhere

Ever feel like your life is just one problem after another? Does it seem like your head is swimming with trying to fix these problems? Well you’re not alone. That is what life is, problems. But I prefer to reframe that word to “challenges.” And taking that one step further, challenges represent opportunities. How you choose to perceive your challenges will determine the quality of your life.universe

Broaden Your Perspective

So how do you jumpstart this change in perception? Broaden your perspective. Get away from your problems for a short while and allow your brain to be stimulated by something out of the blue. It can be taking a walk or a drive to somewhere you don’t usually go, read a self-help book such as Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews, or experience anything that you don’t usually do or see. By doing this you will allow your mind to see your problems from a different perspective and thus come up with new solutions which may work better.

Breakthrough with the UniverseString_Theory

Here’s fun suggestion. To really broaden your perspective and achieve  a breakthrough in your current challenges, check out some of the information by physicist Brian Greene on PBS. If you have a lot of time (up to 3 hours) you can watch in its entirety the series on The Elegant Universe. Or if you have a shorter time (10 minutes) you can check out the NPR interview with Dr. Greene about how to Build Your Own Universe! 

How to Maximize Your New Perspective

After you’ve experienced something new allow yourself some time to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and just think about the things you want to solve. What did you see today that could help you think of your challenge and possible solutions in a new way? After thinking for 10- 15 minutes (or longer if you have the time) then start writing down your ideas. Mindmapping is a great way to facilitate organizing new ideas.

Hubble Eagle Nebula

Good Luck and please share your experience with this learning community so that we may all benefit! Thank you!

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