International Woman of Mystery: Ilker Yoldas and The Thinking Blog

Inspiring Blog Inspiring Author

There is a site that inspires me and it is called “The Thinking Blog.” It is authored by Ilker Yoldas. This blog inspires me to write my best for my blog. The Thinking Blog provides “Thinking Fuel” for your brain, which is similar to what I want to bring to my readers, “Learning Fuel” – to borrow a phrase. The posts are diverse, well researched and make an impact on you. I am also inspired by Ilker and her positive, friendly, good-hearted nature which I believe is genuine. I am inspired by her success story in gaining a very solid readership in just 3 months, but I believe that her success directly stems from her superb content and her positive nature.


Posts of Note

I have yet to read all of The Thinking Blog, but that wouldn’t be easy as she posts religiously every day, which means after 3 months, she has at least 90+ interesting posts to choose from in categories such as: arts, cars, computers, creative, design, games, health, music, sports, technology, and more. A couple of posts that demonstrate her well researched, well-thought out content are: The Cult of Apple-Part 1 and Microsoft Substitutes. These are two of her longer posts. The Cult of Apple-Part 1 is a well thought out examination of the merits and fallacies of blindly following Apple (without being negative or disrespectful). Microsoft Substitutes is about all the cool open source computer goodies she uses with links to where to get them. In her posts, Ilker makes good use of including videos, diagrams and other visuals to relay good food for thought. Oh and of course you won’t want to miss her most popular post, Support Topless Women.

Designer Extraordinaire

Ilker is a designer and a good one. Here are 2  links to some of her work: Her website redesign and John Chow redesign idea. Of course there are many more examples in her blog. If you need to hire a freelance designer for your website, she is available. And of course you must check out her Free 2007 Calendar giveaway that showcases her beautiful photography.

Mystery Author

So why do I call her the International Woman of Mystery. Well it is because none of us, her readers, really know her. In fact we don’t even know if she is a man or a woman. I’ve seen her readers refer to her both as “he” and “she.” The avatar that she uses is a picture of Natalia Oreiro, a popular Latin Grammy-nominated Uruguayan singer and actress. She started by using the avatar as a test, and when she tried to go back to her alien fetus avatar, her readers demanded the Natalia avatar back.. She either lives in Turkey or is Turkish, but seems to be very American. Again another mystery. With every post we learn a little more about Ilker, like connecting the dots in the stars to form a constellation. I believe that her mystery is partially what keeps us coming back for more. With each post another clue is revealed. It’s a little bit like a reality blog, although the focus on herself is not Ilker’s aim. Her aim is to invite us to think along with her on the subjects that fascinate her.

One to Watch

Ilker has amassed a large community of readers. She claims to not be interested in “traffic or SEO or nothing like that,”  and also she “never thought of making money with this blog.” She claims it is “Just another hobby. Time left over from studying, sports, and hanging out with friends, this is what I enjoy doing. Its some serious fun!” (My guess is that she doesn’t sleep with all her activities both offline and online. How do you do it Ilker?) However, by design or by intuition she promotes her blog well and in doing so she has gained much blogging success.  As of this writing, she is ranked the 5th most popular community on MyBlogLog, and her Technorati Rank: is  8,646 (581 links from 360 blogs) which is excellent. UPDATE: Technorati Rank is now: 1,281 (1,943 links from 1,213 blogs)! That’s a jump of 7000 places! Wow!

Her Secret

The key to her success? She blogs with honor, her content is high quality, and she keeps us coming back for more because we all want to know this positve person a little better than yesterday. Congrats Ilker! Keep inspiring us all!

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