Easy Blog Posting by ECTO: Why You Should Check It Out!

What is ECTO?


Ecto is a desktop blogging client for MAC and Windows that is compatible with most major blogging platforms including Blogger, WordPress and Typepad, amongst many others.

Why I Started Using ECTO.

I switched from Blogger to WordPress for two reasons. One was for more flexibility with my template and the other was for a better tool for writing my blog posts. Well I’m sorry to say that even WordPress, while much better than Blogger still has some kludginess in it’s text editor. I need the WYSIWYG feature. I found my holy grail of text editors: ECTO from a recommendation by ProBlogger, Darren Rowse.

Why You Should Try ECTO:

Time Saving Benefits

  • Easy formatting in WYSIWYG. No more losing your post in unreliable WYSIWYG text editors. Both Blogger and WordPress have this problem. ECTO eliminates this problem.
  • No more losing code or gaining random code.
  • Free 21 day trial.
  • Save your posts locally on your computer
  • Easy insertion of YouTube videos.
  • Easy insertion of Flickr photos.
  • You can manage multiple blogs across multiple blogging platforms inside one program!

Monetizing Benefits

  • Amazon links with your Amazon Associate ID is all embedded in the program for ease of use.
  • ECTO allows you to set up HTML tag shortcuts, which is handy if you use Adsense Deluxe,

Promotion Benefits

  • ECTO comes set up to automatically ping weblogs, blo.gs, and technorati. so the world will know each time your blog is updated.
  • You can use tags with ECTO. This important because Technorati, Flickr and Del.icio.us all use tags making searching for your information easier.

Try It Today

I am writing this review because I have found this software to be so useful. I hope you do too. I have kept this post short and sweet to give you a quick flavor for what ECTO can do for you. Please share your thoughts and learnings with our reader community!


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