Where to Order Kashi TLC Cookies: Soooo Good!

Do you love cookies but suffer from guilt afterwards? Well there is a relatively new cookie on the market that is a real revolution. It is a healthy cookie with lots of fiber and lots of dark chocolate too! No trans fats. And it tastes great!

The only problem is that every health food store that does stock them is always out of them and all the health food stores online don’t carry them. And you can’t even order them directly from www.kashi.com.

Well I have good news! I know the secret place to get them, The Better Health Store. UPDATE: You can now order these cookies on Amazon.

It’s the only store online that carries them and I should know because I have searched and searched!
Here is the product description for the Kashi TLC Cookie Oatmeal Dark Chocolate. The Kashi TLC Cookies come in 3 varieties: Happy Trail Mix, Oatmeal Dark Chocolate? (my favorite), and Oatmeal Raisin Flax. Each cookie has approximately 130 calories and 3 grams of fiber, but they are big cookies. You only need one for a small desert. I eat mine with some almonds. Yummy!The Better Health Store offers free shipping on orders over $60. If you want to find a store in your area you can try Kashi’s store locator by clicking on this link. So do try them out and enjoy!

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