Choosy People Choose Less Choice

Do you ever walk away from surfing the internet feeling frazzled? Does trying to find the optimal computer, cell phone, or mate have you exhausted? Shouldn’t all our choices make our lives better?

Having choice means having control which is shown to improve the quality of life. And, today, with the internet, megastores, and globalization, we have more choices than ever in the history of mankind.

So why are we worn out from all our choice?

There is fresh research by Columbia University professor Sheena Iyengar that shows that too much choice is actually bad for you.

So what is a modern consumer to do?

Try adding more satisfaction to your life in the form of “being happy with what you have.” Contentment can be cultivated by being grateful for what you have. This brings true happiness. This is a lesson I have learned elquently from both Zig Ziglar and Andrew Matthews.

People who are constantly trying to maximize everything are always so focused on the destination that the never enjoy the journey.

So you still need to find a new computer, cell phone, mate or whatever. What should you do? Balance out maximization with some satisfaction.

1)Figure out what you need. Keep it as simple as possible.

2)Find a website that allows you to search by features such as Letstalk.com for cell phones, PC Connection for computers, or Match.com for dating. Don’t get sidetracked by features that fall outside of what you need.

3)Once you find the best then be satisfied with it and enjoy your life!

Good enough is enough. And enough is plenty.

For all you Type A’s out there, chant this mantra every time you feel yourself getting sucked into over-maximization.

Enjoy “Good Enough” and see how happy you feel. Don’t worry. Your goals and drive will still be there tomorrow.

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