Say What You Really Want to Say + Big Announcement

Blogging, Creativity, Writing August 7th, 2013

say what you really want to say

Wow! Just read some great advice for writers and anyone trying to gain readership for their cause, blog, or business. Here it is: (also check out my big announcement!) Say What You Really Want to Say! Don't censor yourself. Stand for something! I think I may have played it a little too safe in the past in my ...

How to Stop Being Frustrated by Politics

Did You Know?, Getting Things Done, Goals, How To, Ideas, Solving Problems January 11th, 2010

The way to stop being frustrated by politics? Get involved! (And before you stop reading because you have no spare time, please know that there are small ways to get involved that don't take a lot of time!) Think about a sports game. It can be frustrating watching a game when your team is losing. But ...