The Secret to Finding Contentment in Life

Emotions, Happy, How To, Personal Development, Relationships, Solving Problems January 4th, 2008

running away

photo by sara b. and No One Planning on Running Away? Do you feel like quitting your job? Do you want out of a relationship? Are you keen to move to a new neighborhood? Why? Are the people miserable? Is your boss too demanding? Is your partner annoying you? Is there too much work on your ...

Hit the Shuffle Button

Creativity, FUN, Happy, Ideas, Motivation July 24th, 2007

hit the shuffle button

Hit the Shuffle Button I have a new post over at today. Do you find yourself living the same routines over and over? Need some variety? Well head on over to this article for some different ideas on how to expand your mind, opportunities, and horizons starting today. Hit the Shuffle Button Please Share! Hope ...

Complete iPhone Links: Apps, Hacks, and Reviews

Reviews, Technology July 18th, 2007


Complete iPhone Links: Apps, Hacks, and Reviews I have a new guest post over at If you have an iPhone and want to find all the latest applications and hacks or if you are considering buying an iPhone and want to find all the best reviews on the iPhone, head over to my article. It ...

Decision Making Made Easy – Part 2: Multiple Choices

How To, Productivity July 5th, 2007

Making Decisions with Multiple Choices In Part 1 of Decision Making Made Easy, I introduced you to the PMI tool (Plus/Minus/Interesting) for making a decision between two choices. In Part 2 of Decision Making Made Easy, I will show you how to use a Decision Grid Tool for making decisions when you have multiple ...

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement?

Goals, How To, Money & Finance, Solving Problems, Success June 13th, 2007

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement? Everyone knows that they need to save for retirement, but most of us don't really know which magic number to shoot for. Our goal should be to meet our financial needs in retirement and not run out of money. When you don't ...

Decision Making Made Easy (Two Choices) – Part 1

Did You Know?, How To February 23rd, 2007

Making decisions is always hard for me. It’s one of my Achilles heels. Here is a good method for choosing when you have to decide between 2 choices. It’s called PMI, short for Plus, Minus, Interesting. It’s an improvement over the simple Pro/Con worksheet. How to use PMI: Take a sheet of paper and draw three ...