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Google Pack Review: Should You Get It?

The short answer is Yes! As long as you have enough room on your drive this is a little gift box with a lot of cool goodies for free.

You can choose to install just the ones you want. And unistalling any you don’tlike is very easy as the download comes with a Google Updater panel, which allows you to uninstall at anytime or upgrade when each progam is updated.

Here is what you get:

Program Description Install Size
SE Personal
Antispyware utility – version
4.4 MB
Adobe Reader PDF reader – version 65.2 MB
Google Desktop Desktop companion – version
9.3 MB
Google Earth 3D Earth browser – version
30.3 MB
Google Pack
Photo screensaver – version
1.1 MB
Google Toolbar
for IE
Search toolbar – version 4.0.1601.4978 2.2 MB
Mozilla Firefox Web browser – version 21.1 MB
Norton Internet
Security 2006
Antivirus utility – version
251.7 MB
Picasa Photo organizer – version 35.97
291.2 MB

Here is a review of each component of the Google Pack:

Ad Aware – very good anti-spy software that I actually have been using for the last nine months.

Adobe Reader 8 – an update to Reader with new functionality such as the ability to create your own PDF’s online!

Google Desktop – search your entire computer using the power of google search. This program is very useful. If you choose, Google will pull web clips from sites that you visit frequently! No bookmarking or remembering to check out your favorite sites. The info is right there. And you can add as many or little additional useful features that you like like Scratchpad, Weather, News, What’s Hot, and more.

Google Earth
– this is a really neat tool that allows you to start from outer space looking at the earth and zoom in very quickly to any place you’d like to see. You can add borders and roads and much more to these actual photographs. Talk about geography lessons for you and your kids!

Google Pack Screensaver – a new screensaver that makes a growing collage of all your pictures. Fun for sure.

Google Toolbar for IE
– if you use any of Google services this is very helpful being able to jump right to gmail or the Google Reader. Also handy is being able to search on Google without having to switch to their site.

Mozilla Firefox – so far I really like this browser. I don’t know why for so long I thought I had to stay with IE. Crazy thinking. That’s shows how strong habits can be. I know a lot of techy people prefer Firefox, so it must be good. What I like is the Tabs so I don’t have to keep opening new windows. It imports all your bookmarks and preferences from IE so everything you need is there. No crashing problems like I often have with IE.

Norton Internet Security 2005 – I use Norton already, but for those who don’t already have this, how can you go wrong with this freebie?

Picassa – oo la la, Picassa! That’s what I say. I have my pictures already very organized, but let me tell you this program is great. It loads ALL your pictures (and videos too) into one place, even stuff you didn’t know you had on your computer! It organizes them by date they were taken. And the great thing is there’s no awkward opening widows, then opening an editor, then going back to your folders. Forget those clumsy ways! Now you stay within one program and can do everything including make new albums, print, and set up collages. Really fun!

So the short answer is Yes you should get the free Google Pack. The long answer is pick the components you like best or have space for on your hard drive. There is a link here on my left sidebar to get this Free Google Pack.

What do you think of Google Pack?

Where to Order Kashi TLC Cookies: Soooo Good!

Do you love cookies but suffer from guilt afterwards? Well there is a relatively new cookie on the market that is a real revolution. It is a healthy cookie with lots of fiber and lots of dark chocolate too! No trans fats. And it tastes great!

The only problem is that every health food store that does stock them is always out of them and all the health food stores online don’t carry them. And you can’t even order them directly from

Well I have good news! I know the secret place to get them, The Better Health Store. UPDATE: You can now order these cookies on Amazon.

It’s the only store online that carries them and I should know because I have searched and searched!
Here is the product description for the Kashi TLC Cookie Oatmeal Dark Chocolate. The Kashi TLC Cookies come in 3 varieties: Happy Trail Mix, Oatmeal Dark Chocolate? (my favorite), and Oatmeal Raisin Flax. Each cookie has approximately 130 calories and 3 grams of fiber, but they are big cookies. You only need one for a small desert. I eat mine with some almonds. Yummy!The Better Health Store offers free shipping on orders over $60. If you want to find a store in your area you can try Kashi’s store locator by clicking on this link. So do try them out and enjoy!

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