Top 10 Tips for Britney Spears and Anyone Who Is Feeling Lost in Life

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Britney Spears comeback

The media has been having a field day with Britney Spears for the last few years and most especially over the last year. I'm not here to add to the gossip. I wish Britney all the best. What Britney is going through, under the media microscope, many of us also experience. We live through similar ...

The Simple Life Can Be Yours

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simple life

Many of us have the fleeting dream of living a simple life. That fantasy floats through our mind and just as it arrives, it floats out. Stop putting off that dream. The idea is to start small and begin living the life of your dreams little by little. Read how in my article at Dumb ...

How to ‘Let It Be’ When You’re Upset

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Let It Be

How often do people tell you to "Let It Go" when you're upset about something? In many cases that is like saying "Don't think of a pink elephant." It's almost impossible. For a more effective alternative check out my guest article over at How to 'Let It Be' When You're Upset While you're there check ...

A Lesson in Zen: Such

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In college I took a course on Zen Buddhism. I really loved it because it taught me to think of things from a different perspective. One of the lessons that struck a chord in me was a meditation on “Such.� In a nutshell, the meditation calls upon you think of things as just “such,� simply for ...

What If….

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What If... ...You had all the money you wanted? How would your life be different? Where would you live? What would you do? What would be the same? ...You already have all the money you need? How can you live the life you want with what you have right now? What is inside of you that is keeping you from being happy ...

Fluid Yoga, Fluid Power

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Review: Shiva Rea Fluid Power: Vinyasa Flow Yoga I was fortunate to try this new yoga DVD recently. I loved it so much, I want to share with you a review of this remarkable yoga DVD. I'm a big fan of yoga beacuase of the total body and mind conditioning it gives you. And I'm a big ...

Slow Down for Peace of Mind AND Success

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In A Rush? Do you ever feel like your life is a constant rush from one activity to the next? Want to get rid of that stressed out feeling? Well, you can! You just have to make a commitment to slowing down. Will this mean less success? No. But you'll probably begin to redefine what success ...

Letting Go of Control

Emotions, Happy, Personal Development, Productivity, Solving Problems, Spiritual June 24th, 2007

Feeling Overwhelmed? Like many people, I spend a great deal of my life trying to control outcomes. I want to get my work done well and on time. I want to be the best parent so my child will be happy, appreciate the value of hard work, be kind, develop good character, ...

Friday Is A Good Day To….

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Friday Is A Good Day To.... Tap into Your Maximum Energy Play Hooky Think About Your Goals Start Writing that Book ...

Top 10 Yoga Videos + Bonus Pilates Too

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Top 10 Yoga Videos + Bonus Pilates Too Yoga Class vs. Yoga Video Personally, I prefer a yoga class to a yoga video, because of the personal instruction and the community of like-minded people moving in the same direction. But, I haven't been to a yoga class in years! ...