How to Have Sex with the Lights On

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How to Have Sex with the Lights On

oringinal photo by: half alive - soo zzzz - text boxes by me I have a guest post over at this week and it is being featured as an Editor's Pick! Thank you, Blogher! Please, check it out and let me know your thoughts on the topic. And if you like the article and decide to share it ...

The Comedian’s Guide for Living Life to its Fullest

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Laughing out loud

This is a guest post by Brook Bridge At some point, and probably for everybody, we all have that sense that we aren’t doing anything worthwhile. We might get a promotion at work, spend time with our friends, make dinner, see a movie, have hobbies, and yet? It still feels as if something is missing. My own ...

You Are Wonderful – All Signs Point to That!

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photo credit: Hagbard_ Have you ever become offended or felt hurt by something someone said to you even though deep down you know that the person didn't mean to offend you? So why did it offend you or make you feel bad? It's because you paired their comment with your own deeply rooted self-judgments. You had to make ...

Do the Most Important Thing First

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Do you have days go by where you lament, "Oh, I never get X done." Or "I never get enough of X done." Or perhaps "I never have time to get X done!" Maybe weeks go by and you're still saying this. Maybe - gasp - years. Time does go by fast so it's important that we ...

Power Up! Power Thinking to Improve Your Life

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Journey - First Step

photo credit: Melody Campbell Whether you realize it or not you probably engage in negative self-talk frequently.  We steal our own power with limiting questions and statements, such as: Why does this always happen to me? I'm always late! Why do I always fail? I work so hard and have nothing to show for it. Why can't I lose weight. He/she ...

What You Really Need to Get What You Want

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photo credit: quinn.anya You don't need more information. What you need is acceptance of the truth. If you find yourself constantly searching for answers to the same questions, you probably already have the information that you need to know the answer.  For example, a common quest many people are on is "how can I lose weight?" ...

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

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photo This is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. It sounds good, but what does it mean? How do I "do this?" I'll give you my take on what this means, how to implement it, and how it will benefit your life and the whole world.  The Whole World? Really? Sounds dramatic doesn't it. Well it ...

A Relationship Gem: How to Revive a Relationship

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crystal <3

photo credit: tiffa130 A popular article here on my blog is "Relationship Gold" where I talk about the power and importance of kindness in a healthy and happy relationship.  Equally important is the relationship gem of Being Present. This has the power to revive a weak relationship and keep a good one healthy. If any ...

Just Say No to Anger

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Peace, Paix, Paz, Pace, Frieden, Vrede, Pax

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography The other day, I took a wrong turn while driving in a parking lot. I immediately realized my mistake, but before I could wave “sorry” to the driver next to me, she was beeping and cursing me out furiously. If this had happened in the grocery store with a shopping ...

Relationship Gold: How to Keep a Relationship Like New

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photo credit: Selma90 Certainty = Security = Good Certainty = Same-Old-Thing = Boring = Bad Little Surprises = Something New = Exciting = Good We want to feel safe in our relationships. We want safety on all levels: emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.  We also crave things that are new.  Over time, in our relationships we start to take ...