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Are You Tired and Don’t Even Know It?

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I recently wrote about what to do if you are tired and the next day an  important revelation occurred to me about this.

I think many of us are tired and we don’t recognize it.

Before we can address being tired, what I like to call “low energy,” we need to be able to recognize this state. So what’s the big deal about being tired?

Simply put, most of the world’s problems stem from someone being tired and not doing their best when faced with challenges. The ripple effect then takes place and the problems multiply.

If you can manage your energy, you can control the quality of your life!

So let’s take a look at how to see past the veil of chronic tiredness and move on to a better life!

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What You Really Need to Get What You Want

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You don’t need more information. What you need is acceptance of the truth.

If you find yourself constantly searching for answers to the same questions, you probably already have the information that you need to know the answer.  For example, a common quest many people are on is “how can I lose weight?” There are a million books, articles, websites, programs, etc that will give you some version of the answer. What you need now is not more information, but acceptance of the truth about how to do it. Once you have that acceptance, then you can commit to doing it and finally follow through with action.

So let’s break this down further.

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Stop Hating Your Past and Your Future Will Blossom

Is there something from your past, that you did or didn’t do, that really bugs you?

Do you find yourself beating yourself up over it?

Even if you say no, think about this: Is there something that you have wanted to accomplish for a while now, but you just haven’t done it? Why haven’t you done it? Could it be that you are so angry with yourself for letting so much time pass? Could that anger be blocking you from moving forward?

Whether you realize it or not, if you are hating yourself for something in your past, that is going to block your ability to be happy today and to realize the future you want.

Here’s the Good News: You can change your future starting TODAY!

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Frazzled? Get Your Life Together with “Simply Put Together”

Simply Put Together

Does your life feel scattered? Is your desk swimming in post-it notes and to-do lists? Do you find difficulty coordinating your schedule, your family’s schedule and work’s schedule? Do you have goals that you never get to? Are there old friends you never get around to calling? Would you love to live a simpler life, but have a tough time finding time to make that happen?

If you can relate to any of these issues then I have a super recommendation for you. It is a self-help book/planner/organizer called “Simply Put Together” written by Maria Murphy. Continue Reading →


My Favorite Productivity Trick


The “50/10 Focus” Habit

I recently read a great article over at Dawud Miracle’s Blog. He wrote a blog post called How to Stay Focused for Greater Productivity. In his article he gave his most powerful tip for productivity and this is it:

“My productivity tip is focus. For every 60 minutes of the workday, I stay micro focused for 50 minutes. Then I get out of my chair, away from my computer and out of my office for 8 minutes (give or take). The remaining two minutes I settle back down in my chair, look over my next todos and look at what I can accomplish in the next 50 minutes. Then I’m off to the races again.”

This has been something I aspire to do daily, but sometimes I forget. I now have a reminder on my computer that simply says “50/10 Focus.” I’d like to thank Dawud for helping me get back into this awesome productivity habit.

Dawud’s article links to other bloggers who also chimed in on this topic. You can read the rest of his article here.

Planning for Success.

The companion habit to make the most of the “50/10 Focus” habit is to plan your day and plan your week. Your daily plan is the blueprint for knowing what you should be doing at any given time during the day.

Here’s how I plan my day. I take a piece of paper, often scrap paper or a page in my capture notebook and write the date at the top of the page. I draw a line down the center. In the right column I write “To-Do” and on the left I write “Plan.” I write out all my to-do’s first. Then I plan out my day by inserting those to-do items into time slots.

Often some things will have to wait until the next day because I’m very liberal with building in transition and buffer time. I know that things always take longer than expected so I allot for that. The main thing when planning things is to schedule the most important things first.

Please Share!

What’s your favorite time management trick? Let’s hear your ideas! All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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