Complete Guide to Set Up a WordPress Blog and Make Money

Blogging, How To, Marketing, Money & Finance, Writing March 21st, 2009

How to set up WordPress Blog and Make Money

image byMike Licht, Are you a writer? Would you like to make some good money writing about topics that interest you? Then starting a blog is something that I highly recommend. Because of my experience and success, I've had a couple friends and family members ask me how to set this up. I thought I ...

Easy Contest, Great Prizes!

Blogging, Featured, Free, FUN, Marketing July 18th, 2008

volkswagon bus

photo by jmv There's something for everyone at the "I Want a VolksWagon Bus Contest." The prizes are: $50 Amazon gift certificate, $25 iTunes gift certificate, and $80 worth of free online advertising that will be in effect for 3 years! Read more to find out how you can easily enter this contest.... My blogging friend Steve Speirs ...

How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch That Will Land You Big Business

Career, Goals, How To, Marketing, Personal Development, Sales, Success August 1st, 2007

elevator speech

Crafting a Killer Elevator Pitch That Will Land You Big Business My debut guest article over at has just been published! Have you ever wanted to nail down a great elevator pitch? Maybe you just haven't gotten around to it or maybe you're not sure where to start. Either way, look no further than this ...

How to Be a Great Salesperson

Marketing, Motivation, Sales July 26th, 2007


How to Be a Great Salesperson This article is for everyone, even for people who are not technically in sales. Why? Because we are all in sales. Anytime you are trying to influence someone's actions or thoughts, then you are selling. The best selling happens when you are trying to meet someone's needs. This is when ...

Should You Start Your Own Work at Home Business?

Business, Career, Marketing, Sales, Success July 17th, 2007

Business Plan Pro

Work at Home: The Dream Ah, the dream of working for yourself out of your own home! What could be better, right? Well it turns out there are major pros and cons to having your own work at home business. This article will provide the elements of working from home that you should consider before making ...

Groovy New Pocket Mods: GTD and More!

Free, FUN, Goals, Marketing, Productivity, Sales, Technology June 18th, 2007

Pocket Mods Many of you may already be familiar with Pocket Mods. For those who aren't Pocket Mods are cool little 8 page booklets that you can create with one sheet of paper. You can go to to create a modular paper calendar and to-do's to your liking. The Pocket Mod folks have ...

Offline Marketing Strategy that Rocks!

Blogging, Marketing, Success June 14th, 2007

Are Offline Marketing Techniques Still Viable?Yes! Of course they are! I have a new guest post at called Maximum Exposure for your Business or Blog. If you would like to gain more traffic for your blog or more sales for your business, I think you will find real value in this article. Most bloggers and many small ...

10+ Powerful Sales Concepts for Blogging Success

Blogging, Marketing, Sales, Success May 30th, 2007

Sales Concepts for Blogging

I have written a guest post at today. If you are searching for success with your blog, I think you will find real value in this article. This is a supercharged Mash-Up of "Top Dog" sales habits and how they can be applied for YOUR blogging success! Please check it out: 10+ Powerful Sales Concepts for Blogging Success Please let me know ...

Branding Your Blog for Success

Blogging, Goals, How To, Marketing, Success May 23rd, 2007

Branding Your Blog

My premier guest post at debuts today. For my readers who have a blog, I think you will find real value in this article. The topic of Branding is not covered often so I think you will find some shiny new ideas to further hone your blog into a "subscriber-magnet." Please check it out: Branding Your Blog ...