Change Your Problems to Blessings

Emotions, Goals, Happy, Personal Development, Solving Problems February 14th, 2013

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Does everything seem like a problem to you? Are you sick of it? I have a solution! Read on... Change Your Problems If something seems like a problem, you need to change what you are comparing it to. If your situation seems like a problem, you are likely comparing it to something that is not possible now, impossible, ...

You Are Wonderful – All Signs Point to That!

Emotions, Happy, Motivation, Relationships, Success January 9th, 2013


photo credit: Hagbard_ Have you ever become offended or felt hurt by something someone said to you even though deep down you know that the person didn't mean to offend you? So why did it offend you or make you feel bad? It's because you paired their comment with your own deeply rooted self-judgments. You had to make ...

Stop Doing That

Emotions, Happy, Ideas, Motivation, Personal Development, Productivity, Solving Problems, Success January 7th, 2013

British Lionhearts 4:1 German Eagles

photo credit: World Series Boxing You know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you don't...because it is so weaved into the everyday conversation in your mind. I'm talking about beating yourself up.  It steals your energy, makes you tired, and drains your spirit. There's a much better way. Let's chat... Self -Nagging=Chronic Energy Drain How does your ...

Understanding and Managing Emotional Combinations

Emotions, Happy August 12th, 2012

Do you ever find yourself in the quicksand of heavy emotions, struggling to understand and handle them? Do you have a habit of reacting to those emotions that you would like to change? If you would like to have a life that is lighter emotionally, more peaceful and joyful., you can achieve this. The key ...

What Is Your Story?

Emotions, Goals, Happy, Ideas, Personal Development, Solving Problems June 21st, 2012

photo credit: gemma maree Here's what I mean by "What is your story?" Have you ever noticed that each person you know has a certain theme or story that they are always telling in one form or another? For instance, you may have a friend who is always short on cash. Her story might be ...

Do the Most Important Thing First

Business, Career, Creativity, Family, Getting Things Done, Goals, Happy, How To, Personal Development, Relationships, Solving Problems May 10th, 2012

Do you have days go by where you lament, "Oh, I never get X done." Or "I never get enough of X done." Or perhaps "I never have time to get X done!" Maybe weeks go by and you're still saying this. Maybe - gasp - years. Time does go by fast so it's important that we ...

Ultimate Belly Dance Resource Guide: Videos, Music, Costumes, Props and More!

Exercise, FUN, Happy, How To, Reviews March 27th, 2012

Belly dancing is is a wonderful form of self-expresson and a fun way to stay fit.  There are many benefits that you receive from "the dance"- better posture, feelings of joy, physical strength, and a sense of internal strength, just to name a few. This belly dance resource guide will give you my highest recommendations in ...

Power Up! Power Thinking to Improve Your Life

Featured, Happy, Ideas, Motivation, Personal Development, Relationships, Solving Problems, Success March 13th, 2012

Journey - First Step

photo credit: Melody Campbell Whether you realize it or not you probably engage in negative self-talk frequently.  We steal our own power with limiting questions and statements, such as: Why does this always happen to me? I'm always late! Why do I always fail? I work so hard and have nothing to show for it. Why can't I lose weight. He/she ...

What You Really Need to Get What You Want

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photo credit: quinn.anya You don't need more information. What you need is acceptance of the truth. If you find yourself constantly searching for answers to the same questions, you probably already have the information that you need to know the answer.  For example, a common quest many people are on is "how can I lose weight?" ...

Stop Hating Your Past and Your Future Will Blossom

Did You Know?, Emotions, Getting Things Done, Goals, Happy, How To, Motivation, Personal Development, Productivity, Solving Problems, Success February 22nd, 2012

Is there something from your past, that you did or didn't do, that really bugs you? Do you find yourself beating yourself up over it? Even if you say no, think about this: Is there something that you have wanted to accomplish for a while now, but you just haven't done it? Why haven't you done it? ...