How Can I Teach My Child to Be a Good and Happy Person?

Emotions, Family, Happy, How To, Parenting, Personal Development, Relationships, Success January 9th, 2008

Parent Teaching child

photo by JJ & Special K Probably the best way is through modeling the things you want them to learn. The second best way is through repetition of your message. But if your actions don't match your words, children will follow your actions before they follow your words. How do I know this? By watching my 4 ...

A Powerful Way to Strengthen Your Relationship

Emotions, Family, Personal Development, Relationships, Solving Problems December 28th, 2007


photo by Katie Tegtmeyer A Nagging Question It's difficult to know someone completely and it's impossible to read minds, at least for most of us. So what do we do when we have questions that are important to growing a relationship, but scary to ask? Do we ask the source? Unfortunately, many of us seek out the ...

How to Eliminate Unwanted Drama in Your Life

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photo by ribena_wrath Do You Keep Reliving the Same Dramas?For each of us there are dramas that occur on a regular basis. It might be that you are always late. Maybe you always get into arguments with your spouse. Or perhaps you just can't seem to take action on goals that are really important to you.A ...

Stop Being Treated like Garbage

Family, Happy, How To, Relationships, Solving Problems December 20th, 2007


photo by hansol Are you sick and tired of poor treatment from someone? You might be surprised to know just how much power you have over that situation. To learn how to take back control, read my article over at Dumb Little Man: Stop Being Treated like Garbage Please Share! Have you ever encountered this and how ...

20 Fun Things You Can Do with Family on Thanksgiving

Family, FUN, Happy, House & Home, Ideas November 22nd, 2007

family fun

Don't just go for the same old, same old on Thanksgiving, vegging on the couch watching football and parades all day. Instead create some treasured memories with these easy and fun things to do with your family on this special day. Check out these great ideas over at Dumb Little Man: 20 Fun Things You Can Do ...

Where to find Happiness

Emotions, Family, Happy, Success November 16th, 2007


This is a guest post written by Alex Ion of If you're on the lookout for happiness, chances are it's going to take awhile to find it. This isn't because happiness is elusive, but simply because you're not looking in the right place. This is a simple truth but too often we ...

Quantum Leap: What’s Your Next Big Thing?

Business, Career, Family, Ideas, Personal Development, Relationships October 24th, 2007


Slow and Steady (Video Below!) Many of the things we work on in our lives require steady work or improvements daily. And this kind of progress can yield great results. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, yes and no. It's also important every now and then to take a step that amounts to a quantum leap. ...

Changing Your Life; New Family Holiday Traditions

Family, Getting Things Done, Happy, Personal Development October 23rd, 2007


I have two guest posts over at Dumb Little Man today. If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Thoughts and 12+ Holiday Tradition Ideas to Bring Families Together Please Share! If you enjoy them, please share them with your friends or on Digg, Delicious, or StumbleUpon. Thank you!  

8 Rituals to Crank Up Your Productivity and Happiness

Career, Family, Getting Things Done, Goals, Happy, House & Home, How To, Personal Development, Productivity, Success September 26th, 2007

Productivity and rituals

Using Rituals to Crank Up Your Productivity and Happiness There are some people who are amazingly organized. They calmly complete their daily tasks in order, and at the end of the day they feel a sense of accomplishment and contentment. They relax in the evening with family, friends, and their hobbies and they turn in for ...

How to Transition from Work to Play

Family, Happy, How To, Relationships, Success September 25th, 2007

Daddy Come Play with Me! Stop Working!

How to Transition from Work to Play Do you ever have trouble taking your mind off work when you are supposed to be relaxing or spending quality time with friends or family? I know I do! Check out my guest post over at Dumb Little Man for some great tips to help overcome this problem. They ...