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Break the Argument Cycle Once and For All


photo by parn

Is there someone with whom you keep having the same argument over and over again? Do you want to stop that never-ending cycle? It is possible! Learn how today in my latest article at DLM:

Break the Argument Cycle Once and For All

Here is an interesting photo stream from travelator at flickr that seems to capture a common experience. Here is just one of several pictures that make up a whole story:

after the argument

“What Now?”

Check out the rest of this set here.

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What is your recurring argument? How can you finally break past it? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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Top 10 Tips for Britney Spears and Anyone Who Is Feeling Lost in Life

Britney Spears comeback

The media has been having a field day with Britney Spears for the last few years and most especially over the last year. I’m not here to add to the gossip. I wish Britney all the best. What Britney is going through, under the media microscope, many of us also experience. We live through similar situations in our lives where we feel lost, can’t find our compass, and don’t know where to turn. When that happens there can be a lot of frantic frenzy like a puppy who’s just been let out of his crate. The puppy runs around and around, running into things, jumping up on people, and acting pretty crazy. Until he gets all his energy out. Only then is the puppy ready to listen to the guiding voice of his owner.

This happened to me a little bit in my early 20’s when, upon entering the real world, I needed to figure out where I was going. Being scared, I clung onto people, some of whom did not have my best interests at heart. I had some anxiety attacks and thought my world was caving in, when in reality, my body was trying to tell me to get some help. Over time I sought out the help of people who always loved me, my family. I learned about anxiety attacks and how harmless they really are and how easy they are to overcome.

So for Britney Spears and anyone else who feels lost, here are the things that helped me get back on track.

1. Slow Down and Stop Running Away. Trying to bury your problems underneath the pursuit of pleasure will not make them go away. Yes, you’ll feel good in the moment when you dive into chemicals, wild experiences, watching endless TV, new relationships, and sex, but every time the pleasure ends you will be right back where you started. The problems will still be there, still unresolved, and you’ll be looking for the next hedonistic experience to drown it out.

2. Let Go of Fear. If you are afraid to get off the vicious cycle described above, know that you can do it. You can handle it. Know that there is more than enough strength inside you. For many people, turning over their fear to God, a Higher Power, or to the Universe is a very powerful way to let go of fear. Another way is to imagine you are a child in your mother’s arms trusting her to take care of anything that comes along. Feel what that is like to release fear and to trust completely. Now do the same thing, but imagine being cradled by yourself. Feel and trust in your strength to handle anything in your life.

3. Let Go of the Notion That a Stormy Life is Romantic. Life is already stormy enough. You’ll have plenty of things in your life to keep it interesting. What you don’t want is factors that add unnecessary volatility to your life. Otherwise you’ll find yourself on the never ending cycle of chasing a high to heal your lows. See if you can identify what those factors are so you can begin to eliminate them one by one.

4. Return to the People Who Love You. These are the people you might be afraid will say “I told you so.” They might and they might not. Don’t worry about that. If there is any sense that someone has an agenda to exploit you then that is not the right person to go to. You want to go to the people who would be by your side when all the chips are down, when you are sick, and when you are penniless. Let your pride go and feel the relief of doing that. Go be loved. This means people who will listen to you, be with you, and support you.

5. Ask for Help. Don’t think you are burdening people. Don’t worry about people telling you “I told you so.” Don’t think you have to do work things out all on your own. Ask the people who love and support you for help. And don’t be afraid to ask a lot. Don’t worry. Pretty soon, once you’re feeling strong again, you won’t need to ask for as much help. But the good thing is you will have developed a very important habit of not being afraid to ask for help when you really need it.

6. Know Why You’re Trying to Change. Think of all the bad things in your life right now: the anxiety, the hangovers, the worry, the emotional turbulence and so on. Imagine how great life will be with all these difficulties eliminated from your life. “But,” you say, “I like the partying. I like chasing new relationships. I like the fast pace.” Changing your life doesn’t mean it will be without pleasure. It just means that you will be seeking a life that is more stable and less volatile. When you find purpose in your life and start taking care of yourself, you will have much more pleasure than you have today. You’ll still be able to laugh wildly, to do exciting things, to have fun, to have special romantic relationships, and so on. But it will all be in a way that supports a stable life. Stay focused on moving towards a better life and away from your current stormy life.

7. Find a Life Coach to Guide Your Life Planning. Purchase Anthony Robbins “Get the Edge” CD’s or Andrew Matthews tapes (my favorite self-help author) and start the fun activity of daydreaming what you want to do in your life. What is important to you? Start some life goal planning either on your own if you can or find someone who can walk you through the process. Planning your goals is fun. Go for it!

8. Take Baby Steps. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Change takes work and time. Go super slow. Be kind to yourself. Whenever you feel frustration emerging, remember the mantra “Go Slow.” Think about what is really important. Don’t worry about small things. Just take care of yourself. This will help break your knee-jerk reaction of diving into things that aren’t good for you whenever you are feeling low.

9. Exercise Daily. Get outside and either walk or jog everyday. Alternate listening to music and listening to your own thoughts. Use that time to enjoy nature and let go of your problems. It’s also a good time to plan solutions for your goals. Exercise makes people happier. It helps relieve anxiety. It makes you feel strong, which you are! Exercise is a great way to tap into your inner strength that is always available whenever you choose to plug into it!

10. Get Involved in Something Outside Yourself. When I was having anxiety in college, my campus job making sandwiches made me feel so good. I was too busy to worry about anything. It got my blood flowing and it stopped my brain from re-treading those worry paths over and over again. So find something to do that will keep you very busy for a period of time everyday or every other day. You could try volunteer work, a new hobby, a book club or some other social group. Just pick one and do it. And remember #5, ask for help if you need a jump getting started.

Wishing you, Britney, and all those who are going through a tough transition, much peace and success on your journey!

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Were you ever lost? How helped you the most to get back on track? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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How Can I Teach My Child to Be a Good and Happy Person?

Parent Teaching childParent Teaching child

photo by JJ & Special K

Probably the best way is through modeling the things you want them to learn. The second best way is through repetition of your message. But if your actions don’t match your words, children will follow your actions before they follow your words.

How do I know this? By watching my 4 year old son. I see him mirror me all the time. I love when I see him mirroring being polite, showing kindness, and thinking through problems. When I see him mirror bad things like getting overly frustrated or getting more angry than is necessary, that’s when I really take notice and say to myself, “Hey get yourself in check, Mom! He’s copying YOU!”

So when this happened the other night, it made me want to document all the things I want to teach my son. I’m sharing it with you here, not to say that this is the best list for you to follow too, but rather to spur you to come up with your own list. And even if you don’t have children, this is applicable for grandchildren, and really for anyone with whom you spend a lot of time. Be the person you want others to be and maybe they will begin to follow your lead in some small way.

What I Want to Teach My Child

1. Kindness.

2. Love. Love is always the answer.

3. Consideration of Others.

4. Patience. With others and with ourself.

5. Be Very Slow to Anger
. Find ways to understand the root cause of anger when it happens so that it is a growing experience and a not a damaging one.

6. Gratitude. Every day reflect on the gifts we are blessed with both big and small.

7. Perspective. Being able to take a step back, see the really big world picture, and realize that things aren’t so bad.

8. Be a Thinker. This is true smarts, taking things you learn in life and combining them with other things to discover new ideas and solutions.

9. Respect Authority, but also Be a Leader.

10. Respect Others.

11. Frugality and Saving. This is the simple way to become rich in life. Live within your means and don’t buy things you don’t need.

12. Charity. Both in material things and in spirit.

13. When Difficulties Arise, Go Slow.

14. Live in the Moment. Don’t always be in a rush. Work hard, yes. But, also take time to enjoy life. Find the balance between work and play.

15. Hard Work Doing Something You Love is Good for You. But always remember to take your rest and enjoy life too.

16. Stay Physically Active Everyday to Stay Healthy
. Take good care of your youthful flexibility, both in body and mind. It is what will keep you young.

17. Eat Healthy.

18. Be a Good to the Earth.

19. Find Support from God.

20. When You’re Struggling, Ask for Help. Never feel that you are burdening someone. And and ye shall receive. It really is that simple.

21. Always Be Learning.

22. Failure is Your Friend.

23. Family is Important. Always find a way to work things out.

24. Your Time is the Greatest Gift You Can Give.

25. Enjoy Creativity Often

26. Smile a Lot Every Day.

27. Leave the Judging to God. Try not to judge others or yourself. Be kind. If other people are difficult, know that they are probably in some pain. Have compassion for that.

28. Be Honest. Even when it is difficult.

29. Look for the Good in the World and In People. You always find what you are looking for so look for the good.

30. Choose Happiness. The basic choice in life is to be happy or not, so why not choose being happy? What have you got to lose?

…To be continued. I may think of more. If I do, I will share them with you.

In the meantime, my plan is to print out this list and keep it handy to remember who I want to be to teach my son to be a good and happy person.

If this list is helpful to you, please pass it along to your friends. Wishing you happiness and goodness.

Please Share!

What are the things you want to teach your children? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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A Powerful Way to Strengthen Your Relationship


photo by Katie Tegtmeyer

A Nagging Question

It’s difficult to know someone completely and it’s impossible to read minds, at least for most of us. So what do we do when we have questions that are important to growing a relationship, but scary to ask? Do we ask the source? Unfortunately, many of us seek out the answer from our safety zone of confidants or from the web or worse yet, we simply make assumptions. And we all know how effective these methods are. We don’t get the right answer and we’re left still feeling the anxiety of not knowing the answers.

A Better Way

If you want to grow and strengthen your relationship, the thing to do is ask your burning questions directly of that person. How do you do this when you have fears? How do you do this and not damage the relationship? The answer is to ask from a place of compassion and not judgment. The benefits of doing this will be a relief of anxiety, and clarity about how to move forward with your relationship.

Tips to Asking Scary Questions.

1. Compassion. Let the person know that you care about them very much and that your goal is to grow and strengthen the relationship. Be sincere and kind. Make sure that you are feeling that compassion in your heart. If what you are really feeling is judgment, that will come across so be aware of that.

2. Humility. Consider starting with showing your vulnerabilities. (see example below) You may share your fears about how you would feel if the relationship doesn’t continue to grow. Put things in terms of “I feel….” and refrain from “You” statements such as “You make me feel….”

3. Be Direct. Specific questions call for specific answers. Vague questions will get you vague answers. If you want to start out with a softer, more vague question, you’ll want to be sure to use follow up questions that are more specific until you get the answers that you are looking for.

4. Tell Me More. Ask follow up questions, but try using questions like “Tell me more” and “when you say X, what does that mean to you?” If you get an answer and you “think” you know what they mean, ask another question to be sure.

5. Confirm. When you think you have the answer, confirm your understanding. “So what you’re saying is that X, Y, and Z. Is that right?” This gives the other person the benefit of knowing that you were really listening to them and it also gives that person the opportunity to clarify anything that you misunderstood.

6. Thanks. Whether the answer is what you wanted to hear or not, express gratitude to the person for taking the time to answer your questions. Again, be sure to thank that person from a sincere feeling of compassion. Even if the answer means the end of your relationship, at least you have been set free by it, free to move onto relationships that are better for you.

7. Decide. Once you have your answer, you’ll either feel relief or a letdown. If you are relieved, you can now drink in the bliss that comes from asking tough questions that make that relationship stronger. If you are left feeling anxiety or let down, you have some thinking to do. Is the answer something you can live with? Is it something you and the other person can work on together? Or is it something that is unacceptable to you? If that is the case, then you are faced with the decision of moving on from that relationship. If that is the case, realize that you are better off than yesterday when your body and mind were consumed with worry about it. Today, having clarified the situation, you can now move your life forward in a direction that is better suited for you. It’s not always easy to see today, but down the line you will look back and see it as a blessing that opened up doors of possibility for you.

An Example

Let’s say you’ve been in a serious relationship for a year and you’re moving towards marriage. You love this person very much, but you are concerned about how they handle their finances. You’ve spent the last few years digging out of debt, and you want to ensure that within the marriage that you’ll be able to be a strong team financially. Your conversation might start something like this:

“Sally, I’m so happy that I met you. This has been the best year, and I’m looking forward to spending my life with you. At the same time, I want to make sure that we start our marriage out on a strong footing so that we can avoid as much conflict as possible. So I was hoping we could discuss some of the important aspects of marriage. I’d love for us to share with each other where we stand on certain things. One of those things is finances and how we would partner in that regard. You know that in my past I had a lot of debt that I worked hard to eliminate and I want to make sure that we can agree on how we’ll handle things going forward. It’s not always easy for me, but here is where I stand financially. XYZ. I was hoping that you would share with me where you stand right now. And maybe we could come up with a plan for how we would work together if we get married. How does that sound to you?”

Sometimes, if questions are really uncomfortable, such as finances, you might even want to involve a neutral third party expert to guide you both through more complex situations.

What If You Do Get “Punished” for Asking Questions

If you ask questions with all the above tips in mind, and you get a strong negative reaction, you need to listen to your intuition. It may be that your question touched a nerve and that person needs time to come around before being able to talk about the subject. Or it may be that their reaction provides the clear indication that it is time to move on from this relationship because of chronic toxicity. If it’s a relationship with a family member that you don’t want to cut off from, but that person is hurtful towards you and your question was aimed at reducing that hurt, you may need to establish boundaries with that person to keep from being treated poorly, but which also allow you to maintain some relationship with that person. Approach it from a place of both compassion for the other person and strength for taking care of your needs, and then listen to what your intuition tells you.

Please Share!

What’s the scariest question you were glad you asked? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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How to Eliminate Unwanted Drama in Your Life


photo by ribena_wrath

Do You Keep Reliving the Same Dramas?

For each of us there are dramas that occur on a regular basis. It might be that you are always late. Maybe you always get into arguments with your spouse. Or perhaps you just can’t seem to take action on goals that are really important to you.

A Simple Quiz

Before we delve into this common problem, take this one minute test. Fill in the blanks below to identify the patterns you would like to break.

  • I always __________________________.
  • _______________always happens to me.
  • I can’t stop _______________________.

Why Does This Keep Happening to Me?

So why do we keep reliving the same dramas? It’s the result of a program in your subconscious mind. You subconscious mind has many “programs” that it runs automatically such as getting dressed or dialing your mom’s phone number. Here’s the proof. Have you ever driven home from work and had little or no memory of driving. That’s because you were using your autopilot, the subconscious.

The subconscious is a fabulous tool. It’s like a computer that carries out routines that we program into it. The automatic execution of these programs allows us to be more productive. We can think about our day while we are tying our shoes. Our brains are the original multitasking machine.

The only problem with the subconscious is how unfailing it is even when the program is self-destructive. So how do we rectify this? It’s simple: modify or replace the self-defeating programs. Here’s how.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious

1. Choose. First you need to know what your faulty patterns are. So take a little time to explore the things you want to change. Use the one minute quiz above to help get you started and be sure to write them down.

2. Analyze. Once you have the things you want to change, ask yourself “what is the belief that underlies this?” Determine why the pattern keeps happening. The best way to get down to the root of an issue is to keep asking why. Once you get to the root, then ask yourself what new belief or perspective could change your pattern. Here’s an example. Let’s say you always fight with your mother. Start by asking “why?”

  • Why do I fight with my mother?
  • Because she annoys me.
  • Why does she annoy you?
  • Because she is constantly providing unwanted advice that feels like judging.
  • Why does that bother you?
  • Because I’m trying my hardest to live the best life I can and I get frustrated because I can’t possibly live up to everything she suggests.
  • Why do you feel like you have to do that?
  • Because she pushes and pushes with her opinions.
  • So you feel like you have to jump and take action whenever she makes a suggestion?
  • Yes.
  • OK. What new perspective could change your pattern?
  • Hmm. I could believe that she is trying to help me.
  • Tell me more.
  • I could believe that there is no pressure to take action. I’m a grownup and can live my life my way. I could believe that she might have some useful suggestions that I could consider. I could make a habit of thanking her, writing it down, and explaining that I may or may not take action, but that I will thoughtfully consider it. And then I could thank her for loving me enough to care and give me advice.
  • Good.
  • OK, but there’s a little more to the fighting. She also seems to like to needle me with “Told you so” kind of comments.
  • So why does that bother you?
  • It’s annoying!
  • Why?
  • Because, well, I guess it’s because sometimes she’s right. That stings. It backs me into a corner and makes me want to bite! (not literally, well maybe just a little)
  • Sooo, what could you do to change that pattern? (Because you know you can’t change her!)
  • I could take the wind out of those sails by simply adopting a habit of saying, “yes, you are right” instead of fighting it. I could believe that even though it’s not the most effective method, that when she says “told you so” that she is still doing it because she loves me. I could choose to focus on her love and not her method. That should hopefully soften things.

This is a long example, but I think it demonstrates that how we need to keep asking why to get to the root issue. Our first answer is usually our emotion coming through. When we keep asking why, that when we can get to what is really behind it all. Once you know the cause then you can work on addressing it.

3. Write. Take that little internal conversation you just had and write down the key items you’ll want to program. So in our example it would be:
“My mother loves me so much that she wants to give me advice to improve my life. I can see past her methods and focus on her message which is based in love. I know that I don’t have to take action if it doesn’t work for me. I will feel calm each time I receive her loving advice even if her tone is frantic and urgent. In fact the more frantic she is, the more calm I will feel. I will thank my mother for all advice and tell her that I love her. And I will thoughtfully consider her advice. If she is right then I will be grateful to have someone looking out for me. Being wrong is ok as long as I have someone to help show me the right way. When I feel my way works better for me, I will thank her for the advice and love and calmly ask her to understand my decision.”

4. Upload. The way to program your subconscious is tread a path with a repeated message. So take your new program(s) and read them out loud to yourself each morning for a month. Throughout the day read your new program(s), and think about them when you see the drama coming down the tracks. Read your program out loud at night too. If you meditate, this is one of the best times to upload your new program(s) because when the mind is slowed down it is most receptive to absorbing a new belief.

5. Persistence. In theory, this is simple and straightforward, but in practice it will take some persistence and determination. Expect to see old programs rear their ugly head and try to put up a fight. Just remember to stick with it.

6. Feeling. Another helpful tip is to be sure to put feeling and emotion into your message when uploading to your subconscious. The reason why self-defeating patterns stay in place so well is because they usually have a high emotional charge which acts like superglue where the subconscious is concerned. So do your best to drum up some positive and strong emotions when uploading. Do this by trying to imagine the positive emotion. Take on on the actual facial and body movements and postures that would accompany that emotion. Take it slow. Each day you do this you will get better and better at it.

7. Visualize. The last piece of the puzzle is to also visualize what success will look like. Imagine yourself living out your new patterns. Imagine the colors. Turn up the volume. Turn up the emotional volume. Do this at least once a day when you are uploading your new program.

8. Be Amazed. Truly, what you can do with this formula is limitless! Use it each time you need to improve your life. If you follow the simple steps, you can’t fail! It’s impossible!

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Do repeated dramas rule your life? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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Stop Being Treated like Garbage


photo by hansol

Are you sick and tired of poor treatment from someone? You might be surprised to know just how much power you have over that situation.

To learn how to take back control, read my article over at Dumb Little Man:

Stop Being Treated like Garbage

Please Share!

Have you ever encountered this and how did you handle it? What was the outcome? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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20 Fun Things You Can Do with Family on Thanksgiving

Don’t just go for the same old, same old on Thanksgiving, vegging on the couch watching football and parades all day. Instead create some treasured memories with these easy and fun things to do with your family on this special day.

Check out these great ideas over at Dumb Little Man:

20 Fun Things You Can Do with Family on Thanksgiving

family fun

Please Share!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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Where to find Happiness


This is a guest post written by Alex Ion of

If you’re on the lookout for happiness, chances are it’s going to take awhile to find it. This isn’t because happiness is elusive, but simply because you’re not looking in the right place. This is a simple truth but too often we forget that we need to identify with our inner happiness in order for us to realize the happiness that’s around us. Looking for happiness around you will be a futile chase if you don’t learn to benefit from the little joys around you. In order to understand these little gifts, it’s important that you deal with your inner problems at first.

Don’t be the common killjoy

Killjoy is not just another word in the dictionary, it’s what all of us do most of the time. Since we are so involved with ourselves, our problems and our lives, we stop appreciating what’s around us. If you’ve had a difficult day at work, don’t take it out on your children, spouse, parents or friends. If someone talks about something joyous or simply spreads happiness after your tiring day, appreciate that rather than overlooking their attempt to spread joy. If your child makes drawing and shows it to you enthusiastically, don’t just wave it off. Instead encourage him/her because their smile should be enough to bring a smile on your face rather than turn their smiling faces into a somber look only because you weren’t careful enough to notice happiness.

Appreciate life

It’s really easy to get on with your life and find it fulfilling if you begin to appreciate what you have rather than cry about what’s not yours. Appreciate the fact that you have such a wonderful family, friends, home and be grateful about everything you’re blessed with. Be happy about the flowers that grow in your garden rather than overlook their existence and worry about the weather, or as a matter of fact anything else.

Help others

It’s very possible that you may have your own mountain of problems but that doesn’t imply that you can’t step in and help someone else. You already know how burdened you feel, so help someone else in their times of need. Step in and be that shoulder to cry on and help others get on with life.

Say “Thank You”

There’s times when someone else may bring you your file, get your cup of coffee, order lunch for you, compliment you about your clothes, and do so many other small odd jobs for you. Even if your child chooses to help clean the dry leaves from your garden, make sure you take a moment, to stop, look back, acknowledge their thoughtfulness and thank them profusely. Not only will you be acknowledging the other persons help but taking notice will certainly make the other person smile as well.

Be involved

It is really easy to live your life like a loner. Go about doing your own things and not worry about what’s happening in the world around you. You can simply go about with your daily agenda without really involving yourself in anything. But honestly that’s where you’re losing your happiness quotient. Get involved in your own life and those around you. Enjoy the moments in your life and allow yourself to reflect on them and relive them rather than let them be moments that you don’t recall. Not only do you need to give your own life a chance, but you also need to play an active part in others lives. Be there for those around you. Share their happiness and sorrow and make your life as real as possible.

Experience your life instead of just living it from the start to end. Give yourself the gift of happiness by knowing what your life really is instead of being too engaged in the normal and mundane and let each day pass by without knowing one from the other. Spend time with your loved ones, share their experiences and make it an important part of your life. Happiness is everywhere you look for it, but are your eyes open? So next time look within, then look around, find happiness and embrace it with arms wide open. It’s there in every moment and each time you look sideways, happiness will walk past without you acknowledging. So appreciate every single thing in life and feel happy because happiness doesn’t abandon you. It’s only that you tend to overlook it at times.

Written by Alex Ion of A few of his favorite articles are Stress Season Starting, And What You Can Do About It, 6 Tips to Building a Child’s Self-Esteem, and How to Deal With Problems Coming Your Way.

Quantum Leap: What’s Your Next Big Thing?

Slow and Steady

(Video Below!)
Many of the things we work on in our lives require steady work or improvements daily. And this kind of progress can yield great results. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, yes and no.

It’s also important every now and then to take a step that amounts to a quantum leap. All areas of your life can benefit from this type of progress.

Quantum Leap

What is a quantum leap? I define this as a crossing a chasm in one giant leap instead of many little steps. It’s taking a shortcut that isn’t obvious or is perhaps a bit scary because you’ve never treaded that path before.

How do you know when you need a quantum leap? It’s when you start to feel stifled and restless. That’s when you’re ready to breakout with your Next Big Thing!

What Does a Quantum Leap Look Like?

Here are some examples:


  • Instead of trying to increase client acquisition by spending more hours on your current marketing process, create a revamped marketing process that is more bold and powerful in terms of gaining new clients.
  • Instead of continuing to grow your core business day in and out, add a new line to your offering that compliments your core business.
  • Instead of growing a mature product line, create a new product that will eventually cannibalize your mature line, but the growth of which will take your company to the next level.


  • Instead of the standard daily kiss on the cheek and “How was your day,” re-examine your relationship and determine how you could make it richer, closer, warmer, and more supportive. (Hint: what kinds of things did you do at the beginning of your relationship?)
  • Instead of continuing to hate someone every day (hurting yourself in the process), come up with a plan that enables you to stop hating that person even if it means “embracing” that person in some fashion.


  • Instead of the half-baked efforts to diet and exercise, pick a really healthy plan that also includes daily stress reduction via meditation. Then commit to it and put a fail-proof plan into place to really stick to it.

How to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Life

1. Choose. What is the one area of your life that you want to take to the next level? Maybe you want a full life makeover. If so, narrow it down by asking yourself, “What is the one area of my life that is in most need of a change ? What is that one area that will provide an energy jump start the energy needed for a full life makeover?”

2. Analyze. Ask yourself: “If I had no fear, what is the one thing that could take me to the next level? What’s holding me back from success in this area? What is it I’m afraid to do?” Brainstorm a lot of ideas. Write them down. Don’t censor yourself and don’t worry about the details. Now, which idea scares you the most? Which idea presents the greatest challenge? That’s probably the one to pick. Don’t let fear hold you back. Remember, if you set your mind to it, You Can Do It!

3. Plan. Devise an action plan to make that quantum leap successfully. How? Write out the end goal first and work backwards. What do you need to do to reach the end goal? What are the steps you need to take? Write them all down. You can use yellow stickies and put them into order after you have all your ideas written out. Lastly, after the action steps are in order then start scheduling them into your weekly routine and into your calendar.

4. Act. Take the first action step soon, like today or tomorrow morning. Establish a goal buddy for regular progress updates, support, and encouragement. Doing this weekly will help you to fail-proof your plan.

Columbian Kids Who Take a Leap Every Morning to Go to School

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