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Preventing and Fighting the Flu

Creative Commons License photo credit: Iain Farrell

If you’re sick of getting sick with the flu or bad colds, I have some very good news. There are things you can do to prevent and fight the flu that are very effective. And some of them will likely be things you haven’t heard before.

Each person is different and as such you should only add supplements after checking with your doctor and WebMD to make sure it doesn’t interact with other medicines you take or conditions you have. These remedies are for adults. Check with your pediatrician for safely using any of these suggestions with children. Continue Reading →

Wart Removal Duct Tape Method Day 1

Wart Removal Duct Tape Method

Warts are an annoyance. Kids are prone to getting them. Starting today we are going to try the duct tape removal method to get rid of my 9 year old son’s 4 warts on his hands. Below is a video of this simple method. I’m also including text of the method as well. I’ve read that this works. We’ll report to you exactly whether it works or not! Video and method instructions below.

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Yummy Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Swedish Flag

(next time I'll take a picture and add the image. Sorry no picture. Just trust me. Cook this and you'll love it!)

OMG! You will love these Swedish Meatballs. Never made these before until today and they are so good. This recipe can be converted to vegetarian by substituting Veggie “meatballs” and cream of mushroom soup instead of beef gravy. Please enjoy and let me know how you liked it!

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You Are Wonderful – All Signs Point to That!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Hagbard_

Have you ever become offended or felt hurt by something someone said to you even though deep down you know that the person didn’t mean to offend you? So why did it offend you or make you feel bad? It’s because you paired their comment with your own deeply rooted self-judgments.

You had to make a leap in translating their words. You determined their “true meaning” to be in line with your own insecurities and low-esteemed beliefs about yourself.

Learn how to stop this habit in your life and watch your happiness open up. Here’s the key.

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