Investing Made Easy – A Simple Guide + Free Download

Goals, How To, Money & Finance, Success May 31st, 2007

This guide will teach you some basic investing principles and it will instruct you how to invest your money in the simplest way way possible.

10+ Powerful Sales Concepts for Blogging Success

Blogging, Marketing, Sales, Success May 30th, 2007

Sales Concepts for Blogging

I have written a guest post at today. If you are searching for success with your blog, I think you will find real value in this article. This is a supercharged Mash-Up of "Top Dog" sales habits and how they can be applied for YOUR blogging success! Please check it out: 10+ Powerful Sales Concepts for Blogging Success Please let me know ...

The Original Self Improvement Gurus

Emotions, Goals, Happy, Healthy Living, Motivation, Personal Development, Productivity, Spiritual, Success May 29th, 2007

The Original Self Improvement Gurus Dale Carnegie  and Norman Vincent Peale were two of the original self improvement leaders and their lessons are still valid and useful today. I present to you here today a summary of their guidance from 2 of Carnegie's many best selling books and one of Peale's. I highly recommend taking the ...

One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, Bad Fish

Green Living, Healthy Living, Uncategorized May 28th, 2007

One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, Bad Fish Which fish are OK to eat? Which ones have too much mercury and other contaminants? It is especially important for children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers to avoid the "bad fish." Which fish have those great Omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for your heart? Here's list you ...

Maximum Energy in 10 Simple Steps

Emotions, Happy, Healthy Living, Productivity, Success May 27th, 2007

Maximum Energy in 10 Simple Steps Everyone wants more energy. We chase it down with drugs and we rob ourselves of it with not enough rest. The answers to experiencing our ultimate energy levels come down to simple habits. Some of these may not sound new, but print this out and let it serve as ...

The Four Most Powerful Words

Goals, Happy, Motivation, Personal Development, Success May 26th, 2007

The Four Most Powerful Words: You Can Do It! My Personal Story When I was in high school I joined the track team. We were 125 girls strong. I was the slowest runner so I was put in the 2 mile race. That first year, I came in last every race. But I felt good about it. Why? ...

5 Big Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know About Investing

Did You Know?, Goals, Money & Finance, Success May 25th, 2007


5 Big Secrets "They" Don't Want You to Know About Investing "They" are the institutions of the investing industry. There are a lot of great people in this industry providing excellent value to their clients, but there are pitfalls to avoid in any area, and investing is definitely one of them. I used to work in ...

The Amazing Power of One

Goals, How To, Motivation, Personal Development, Productivity, Success May 24th, 2007


I have a guest post at today which is very exciting. It its about hacking your goals.  I believe you will find this article very useful in accomplishing your goals. Please check it out: The Amazing Power of One.   Please let me know if you think the strategy will be helpful for reaching your goals!

Branding Your Blog for Success

Blogging, Goals, How To, Marketing, Success May 23rd, 2007

Branding Your Blog

My premier guest post at debuts today. For my readers who have a blog, I think you will find real value in this article. The topic of Branding is not covered often so I think you will find some shiny new ideas to further hone your blog into a "subscriber-magnet." Please check it out: Branding Your Blog ...

Do You Know How to Really Forgive Someone?

Emotions, Family, Happy, How To, Personal Development, Relationships, Spiritual, Uncategorized May 22nd, 2007

The Problem with Not Forgiving Most people have at least one person in their life that they harbor anger against for some reason or another. For some the anger is due to a serious hurt, whether physical or emotional, such as assault or abuse. For others the anger stems from less important issues, but the anger ...