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Top 25+ Natural Home Remedies Using Stuff You Already Have

Go Organic!

Everyone wants to go organic these days, from food to clothes. And why? Simple. So we won’t get poisoned by all the dread chemicals being used in our world today.

So along those lines, I present to you here today, The Top 25 Home Remedies, where you can find natural cures for what ails you. Of course if you have an serious condition, seek your doctor’s advice first.


Top Natural Home Remedies

  1. ACNE: Pound orange peel with water on a stone and apply to skin. Also rubbing raw garlic on the skin can cure the toughest of acne. Garlic has antibacterial properties that make this work. More ACNE cures
  2. ARTHRITIS: Rub castor oil into sore joints both morning and night. Results may take 1-4 days. More Arthritis remedies
  3. COLD SORES: Rubbing ice cubes can lesson symptoms. Witch hazel applied with a damp cloth will provide relief. Diet: avoid chocolate during outbreak as this lowers immune system. Eat lots of green vegetables for the vitamins and minerals. Take some Lecithin to hasten the healing process. More on Cold Sores.
  4. COMMON COLD: Drink the juice of 1 lemon mixed with a cup of water (room temp or warm) 1-2 times daily. Drink garlic soup prepared by boiling 3-4 cloves of garlic in one cup of water. Garlic has antiseptic properties as well as other healing properties. More on Common Cold remedies.
  5. CONSTIPATION: 8 ounces of apple juice mixed with 1 level Tablespoon of ground flaxseed or bran. 1-2 times daily. More on Constipation remedies.
  6. DANDRUFF: Use 1 teaspoon of fresh lime juice when doing your final rinse when washing your hair. Will leave hair shiny and prevents dandruff. More on Dandruff remedies.
  7. ECZEMA: Mix a paste of 1 tsp Camphor and 1 tsp sandalwood paste on the rash. You can also try using petroleum jelly or A&D baby ointment. This will seal the skin and allow it to heal. Diet: You can try eliminating foods that you may be allergic to such as wheat and dairy. Food allergies can trigger Eczema. More on Eczema remedies.
  8. FLATULENCE OR GAS: “Mix 1/2 tsp of dry ginger powder with a pinch of asafoetida and a pinch of rock salt in a cup of warm water. Drink this concoction to get relief from gas.” More on Gas remedies.
  9. GOUT: Eat 8-10 cherries daily as a preventative measure against an attack. During and attack eat 10-15 cherries daily to reduce the length and pain of the attack. More on Gout remedies.
  10. HANGOVER: Drink as much water as you can before going to sleep and upon waking. Eating when drinking alcohol will slow down the absorption in your blood stream making its affects lessened. Take vitamin C to speed up breakdown of the alcohol. More Hangover remedies.
  11. HAY FEVER: Line inside of nose with a little petroleum jelly. Boil chamomile tea and inhale the steam. More Hay Fever remedies.
  12. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Garlic, lemon, grapefruit and watermelon (including the roasted seed) are good to ingest. They all are known to help with lowering blood pressure via differing ways such as dilating the blood vessels. More on High Blood Pressure remedies.
  13. HIGH CHOLESTEROL: “Lecithin, also a fatty food substance and the most abundant of the phospholipids, is beneficial in case of increase in cholesterol level. It has the ability to break up cholesterol into small particles which can be easily handled by the system. With sufficient intake of lecithin, cholesterol cannot build up against the walls of the arteries and veins. Lecithin also increases the production of bile acids made from cholesterol, thereby reducing its amount in the blood, Egg yolk, vegetable oils, wholegrain cereals, soyabeans, and unpasturised milk are rich sources of lecithin. The cells of the body are also capable of synthesizing it as needed, if several of the B vitamins are present.” More on High Cholesterol remedies.
  14. INDIGESTION: Drink either or both mint tea and chamomile tea frequently to ease stomach upset. More on Indigestion remedies.
  15. INSOMNIA: Drink warm milk and honey before bedtime. Massaging some of this milk into the soles of your feet can help too. Also try a warm bath before bedtime. Write down worries on notepad next to your bed so you can “leave them behind” and go to sleep. More Insomnia remedies.
  16. ITCHING: Any of these are known to soothe itching: witch hazel, vick’s vapor rub, aloe vera, and ice. More Itch remedies.
  17. LEG CRAMPS: Drink enough water daily to avoid dehydration which can cause cramps. Also make sure you get enough potassium with foods like bananas, avacadoes, fish, nuts, blackstrap molasses, and carrot juice. More Leg Cramp remedies.
  18. LICE. The best remedy is to lather mayonaise all over the entire scalp and hair. (The mayonaise will suffocate the lice and loosen the eggs from the hair shaft.) Cover with either a shower cap or a plastic grocery bag and tie around the forehead. Leave on for 3 hours. Shampoo hair. There will still be mayo and a greasy feeling to the hair. Ths is ok. Next, carefully and meticulously comb the hair in layers with a nit comb. Then shampoo again to get rid of the remaining greasy mayonaise residue. This treatment will work better than the lice-killing shampoo. Of course you’ll also need to launder everything the child’s head came in contact with. Also vacuum things like couches and car seats. For things that can’t be laundered, such as stuffed animals, you can put them in an airtight ziplock bag and leave for 2 weeks. (Updated July 22, 2007.)
  19. MOSQUITOES: Take one 100 mg B1 tablet every day to repel mosquitoes. Effectiveness begins immediately. The most effective topical remedy is Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Repellent. It “provided 120.1 minutes of mosquito protection, more than a repellent with a low concentration of the chemical DEET.” For more remedies go to The FrugalLife and (Updated July 22, 2007.)
  20. NAIL FUNGUS: Clip the nail back as far as possible. Rub Vick’s Vapor Rub onto the nail and surrounding skin 2 times a day. Results can take a month or more. Can also be used for fungal infections of the skin too. This can take one week to work.
  21. NAUSEA: Fresh ginger in tea will ease an upset stomach. More on Nasea remedies.
  22. PRE MENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS): Take GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) daily. This is obtained from vegetables such as blackcurrant seed and evening primrose. Take a 1000 mg capsule 1-3 times daily. This really helps with lowering PMS symptoms. Highly recommended. More PMS remedies.
  23. URINARY TRACT INFECTION OR CYSTITIS: Avoid aspartame, increase vitamin C intake and drink cranberry juice frequently during the day. Also avoid chocolate and caffienne. More Cystitis remedies.
  24. WRINKLES: There are many natural things you can do. First is to make sure you have a healthy diet rich in vegetable and fruits. Just as important is proper hydration. Drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water or clear liquids daily. Topically you can apply a mask of raw egg whites to your face. Allow to dry and then rinse with room temperature water. Your face will feel very smooth. For problem areas you can massage coconut oil every night before bed. Here are many more Wrinkle remedies.
  25. YEAST INFECTION: The live cultures in yogurt are a known cure for yeast. This works both by ingesting the yogurt or topical application. More on Yeast Infection remedies.
  26. SNORING: Many things can help such as side-sleeping, quitting smoking, losing weight if needed, getting allergies under control, using a humidifier, or these exercizes found at DentalGentleCare: “Tongue and throat exercises, if practiced diligently over a period of time, may be of great benefit in reducing snoring. Repeat each of the following exercises 5 times each, twice daily:
    • 1) Slowly open and close your mouth to its full extent, making sure the lips meet when closing.
      2) Pucker your lips (as if about to kiss). Hold for a count of 10. Relax.
      3) Spread your lips into a big, exaggerated smile. Hold. Relax.
      4) Mix Exercises 2 & 3: Pucker-Hold-Smile-Hold.
      5) Try to pucker with your mouth wide open, without closing your jaws together. Hold & relax.
      6) Close your lips and press them tightly together.
      7)Close your lips firmly, then make a ‘slurping’ noise, as if sipping a drink.
      8) Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Be sure your tongue comes straight out of your mouth and doesn’t go off the side. Hold, relax and repeat several times. Work toward sticking your tongue out farther each day, but still pointing straight ahead.
      9) Stick out your tongue and move it slowly from corner to corner of your lips. Hold in each corner, relax and repeat several times. Be sure your tongue actually touches each corner each time.
      10) Stick out your tongue and try to reach your chin with the tongue tip. Hold at the farthest extension.
      11) Stick out your tongue and try to touch your nose with the tongue tip. Hold at farthest extension.
      12) Stick out your tongue. Hold a spoon upright against the tip of your extended tongue and try to push it away while your hand holds the spoon in place.
      13) Repeatedly stick your tongue in and out as fast as you can.
      14) Flick your tongue from corner to corner as quickly as you can.
      15) Move tongue all around your lips in a circle as quickly as you can, making sure you stay in constant contact.
      16) Open and close mouth as quickly as you can, making sure your lips close each time. 17) Say ‘Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma’ as quickly as possible, ensuring there’s an ’em’ and an ‘ah’ sound each time.
      18) Repeat with ‘La-La-La-La.’
      19) Repeat with ‘Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka’ as quickly and accurately as you can.
      20) Repeat with ‘Kala-Kala-Kala-Kala.’
      21) Gargle loudly with warm water.
      22) Sing through the vowel sounds (A-E-I-O-U) as loudly as you can (or dare). Songs like ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ are also good.”


Many of these remedies came from Home Remedies For You. They have an extensive listing of additional ailments you can check out. And no product sales! Worth a try if you don’t have a serious condition, otherwise you should consult your doctor first.

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You Gotta Get This: Google Personalized Homepage!

What is Google Personalized Homepage?

It’s all your needs in one place. Like your own personalized Newspaper and Concierge Service all in one.

  • Email
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather
  • Dictionary
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Horoscope
  • Your Finances
  • Customized News
  • Games
  • Social Networking
  • TVGuide, Maps
  • Best Local Gas prices
  • YouTube Videos
  • You Name it!

Pretty much if you can think it, you can add it there. Here’s a snapshot:

Google Personalized Homepage


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New MyBlogLog Wagon – Choo Choo

Court from made me aware of a new link train to get on board with. It’s the MyBlogLog wagon!

MyBlogLog is a great way to meet other bloggers in your field, and joining the MyBlogLog train can help you to get a bunch of extra links for your site.

Join the train to find some new readers and gain some links!

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Why I Blog About Life and Why Should You Care

Why do you blog about your topic? What made you choose it?

I blog about Life Learning tips because:

  • Life is a learning experience. The more I pay attention to and use what I learn, the better my life becomes.
  • I am passionate about sharing what I learn in order to help others.
  • It provides a fantastic place to explore what I learn with a community that is also interested in learning.
  • I learn from my reader community.

Why Should You Care?…A Tip That Can Change Your Life if You Use It

Helpful Tip: At the end of each day, ask yourself “What did I learn today and how can I use that to make my life better?” If you do this every day, little by little you can make dramatic positive changes that will benefit not only you, but also the people in your life.

This is part of a meme started by If you’re interested in joining the list, please comment on this post. (You will get a link from everyone else that does it. You will of course need to link to everyone that does it as well.)

Find out why they chose their topics (It will probably take them a day or two for them to get the post up):, CJ, The Nerds, MoneyZ, Tags Kitchen, BlogRaters, Advice Hero, WriteToRight, Deni Preston Fitness, AccelerationOfMoney, CameronSpeaks, ErikSvend, BloggingForBills, LifeLearningToday, YOU! (if you want to join the list, comment!)

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Cockroaches Gone! Easy, Natural and Non-Toxic.

Information on Cockroaches and Palmetto Bugs

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care to learn a lot about these yucky creatures, but if you are interested here is an informative website on cockroaches. The only thing you need to know is that cockroaches love carbohydrates, especially sugar.

Pesticides Are No Good

If you have children or pet, you don’t want poisonous pesticides lying around. And let’s face it, the spray insecticides really stink!

Getting Rid of Cockroaches Easily, Naturally and without Toxic Chemicals.

There are many ways to rid your home or business of these pesky creatures. More than a few are natural and non-toxic, but the easiest one is the one I will profile here. Before you do this it will be worth your while to seal up any places where cockroaches can get into your building. And also remove all sources of food.


  1. Mix 50% Sugar and 50% Baking Soda, such as Arm & Hammer.
  2. Put into little containers that they can easily get into. An example is a small plastic container with a hole cut in the side. Or you can even use a plate.
  3. Place the containers where ever the cockroaches like to live.

The reason why this works is because roaches have an acid stomach and the baking soda blasts their pH level, thus blasting them. Because they can’t resist sugar, they will gobble this stuff up.

You will notice a drop in sightings of cockroaches within 3-4 days and within 2 weeks they will be all gone. And here’s the bonus: since cockroaches are cannibals, the remaining ones will eat the dead ones so there’s virtually no cleanup. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. It works! Good luck!


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The Learning Blog Awards!

What are The Learning Blog Awards?

This is an award that highlights outstanding blogs from which we learn a tremendous amount  of useful and interesting information. Presenting:

The Learning Blog Awards!                 

Learning Blog Award recipients consistently provide well written information that is both useful and interesting.

Here are the winning blogs. Each of these blogs can now proudly display the award gif on their site.

  1. Be the Change You Want to See in Yourself by Catherine Marie
  2. Change Your Thoughts by Steven Aitchison
  3. Paula Neal Mooney by Paula Neal Mooney
  4. Blog About Money Online By Alex Bamo
  5. The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg
  6. Life Coach Daily Tips by Thea
  7. Clever Dude Personal Finance & Money by Clever Dude
  8. Earth & Sky by Ryan Britton et. al.
  9. Dumb Little Man by Jay White
  10. Indexed by Jessica Hagy

Congratulations! You have won A Learning Blog Award

Participation Rules

  1. Only if you are tagged with this award, please write a post on your blog with links to 5-10 blogs that you learn great things from.
  2. Link to this post, so that people can easily see where these awards began. (Link to The Learning Blog Awards post)
  3. Optional: Proudly display the “Learning Blog Award” with a link to the post that You wrote.

Please check out these great blogs and let me know your thoughts!

How to Eliminate Regret, Get Out of a Rut, and Move Forward with Your Goals

In a Rut

We’ve all been there. You have a goal. Maybe it’s to exercise everyday or maybe it’s to lose weight. Maybe it’s work related such as making your calling quota each day. Or perhaps you want to stop fighting with your spouse. And what happens? We totally drop the ball: no exercise, we overeat, procrastinate, argue, everything we don’t want to do.

And then what happens? We beat ourselves up about it. We engage in a lot of negative self-talk. We really make ourselves feel bad about it. We say a lot of things that sound like, “I never do such and such” or “I never get things done” or “I always mess it up.”

In a RutGetting Out of a Rut the Wrong Way…Does This Sound Familiar?

So let’s say you wake up one day and you say to yourself, “OK Loser, we’re gonna tackle that goal again. Let’s get focused and see if you can keep from screwing up again.” And then another part of you says back “You’re right. I am such a loser. I’m fat, lazy, a jerk. I’m so mad at myself for not sticking with my goals. Why can’t I do it?”

With so much regret and focus on what you’ve failed to accomplish, how successful do you think this next attempt will be? Yeah, probably not so good. Never say never. Some people can still make a go of it for a while with this attitude, but you know what? The deck is stacked against you.

Getting Out of a Rut the Right Way

To get out of a rut, you must have a genuine positive enthusiasm about the future. You must be able to have an inner confidence when thinking about your goal. In order to focus positively on the future, you have to be reconciled with your past and your present situation. So how do you do that? Drip in the pond of new possiblities

When contemplating your past “mistakes” or “failures” turn your perception of them inside out. Consider the possibility that they were meant to be, that they happened for a reason where the end result will be an overall good outcome. You say, huh? What?! I can’t do that. Those failures are because I’m not good at reaching my goals. Before you dig in on that line of thinking, ask yourself what you have to lose by considering this alternative perspective. Maybe nothing. Let’s try it.

As an exercise, let go of self-blame and self-hatred and ask yourself, what good might come from the time I spent making “mistakes” instead of “succeeding” at my goal? Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. You stopped exercising. WHY MEANT TO BE: Perhaps you’ve been spending your time on things your body or soul needed more. Maybe you needed that extra time for working on your career. Maybe you’ve been resting more. Maybe God or the Universe is making sure you get that time you need. Or maybe you knew it subconsciously.
  2. You’ve been overeating. WHY MEANT TO BE: It could be that it was a way of coping with some type of stress (grief, work, relationship) and maybe the weight gain or lack of weight loss is the lesser evil of developing worse physical conditions. Maybe God was watching over you to allow you to comfort yourself this way. And now you are enlightened to find new and better ways of coping. Maybe it was a way for God to send you a message to find a way to eliminate the source of stress. Listen to that message if that’s the case.
  3. You’ve been slacking at work and you missed getting a new position. WHY MEANT TO BE: Maybe that position is not really what is best for you. Maybe there is another role inside or outside of your current company/line of work that will bring you more fulfillment. Maybe by “failing” at work you are receiving a message to search for a career that has more meaning for you. Or another possibility is that in failing it offers the opportunity to analyze yourself and how you work. And this analysis could be the breakthrough to super productivity in the future. Or maybe you can’t see the answer yet. Just trust that good will come from it. And ask yourself what can I do today to start anew.
  4. You are in a continuous cycle of battle with a loved one, colleague or friend. WHY MEANT TO BE: Did you ever notice that we end up running into the same kind of difficult people over and over again. Have you ever considered that it’s your reaction to those kind of people that makes those relationships problematic. The universe sends these people into our lives in order for us to grow. Maybe your soul just hasn’t learned to handle this situation yet, but when you do that breakthrough will be truly life altering. If the relationship is abusive, perhaps there is a message there for you to move on. Either way, ask yourself, “What am I supposed to be learning here?,” “what do I contribute to this?” and “what can I do to make things better in this relationship.”

This strategy of finding positive meaning in the past is not making excuses. It is powerful way to allow good to come from your past. By reframing “mistakes” and “failures” into “learning experiences” or “something I must have needed” you open the door to moving forward with a positive outlook. Look at any great person in history, they usually “fail” many times, learning along the way, until they have their eventual breakthrough success.

If you can reframe in this way you will feel an enormous burden lifted from your heart. That burden was self-hatred. It’s unnecessary and carrying it drags you down. Next up, now that you are feeling positive, enthusiastic and ready, here’s how to succeed easily.

Baby StepsBaby Steps

I discovered some great information from ZestLife about stacking the deck in your favor for achieving success and it’s called Change Your Life in One Hour. It’s about setting small goals based on your larger goal. So for instance, one example ZestLife uses is if you need to lose 20 pounds, focus on losing 1 pound. Then focus on losing another pound. Then repeat this 20 times. In short, focus on today not the entire journey. In this way you can have frequent successes and keep your enthusiasm high.

If you “fail” or make “mistakes” on your newfound positive path, let it go. Get back on the horse. Learn from it and move on. Don’t make it bigger than it was. Be light in your heart. However if emotions are high surrounding a mistake or failure, recognize that you may simply need some rest. Walk away from the mistake if you can. After resting, either a nap, meditation, or a good night’s sleep, then you will be rejuvenated enough to restart with the energy you need.

I wish you lots of success in learning and leveraging your past, and ultimately in reaching your goals. As always, please share your learnings here with all of us!


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18 Really Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress Widget Plugins

Many of my readers have found value in my post Moving From Blogger to WordPress. And they have asked for more posts along these lines. Today I’m going to share with you the WordPress plugins I am using along with helpful hints on setting them up and on using them.

Here are the Plugins I use:

Plugin Version Description (from the author of plugin) Notes on Usage
Adsense-Deluxe 0.8 Place Google AdSense ads in your WordPress Posts. Requires WordPress 1.5 or higer. For complete usage and configuration click on AdsenseDeluxe under the “Options� menu. By Acme Technologies. Plugin works great. You can also use this for other html codes you want a shortcut for such as chitika emini malls, paypal donate, etc.
Akismet 2 Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.â€? To show off your Akismet stats just put <?php akismet_counter(); ?> in your template. By Matt Mullenweg. You will need this. Trust me. It comes with most WP themes. Activate it. And follow the simple instructions for getting an API key. (I don’t know what that is and I was able to do it!) widget 1 Adds a sidebar widget to display links By Automattic, Inc.. Self explanatory. I don’t use it, but I might at some point, maybe as a blogroll device.
Executable PHP widget 1 Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Up to 9 instances of this widget may exist. Heavily derived from the Text widget code included with the widget plugin by Automattic, Inc. By Otto. Install these widgets if you need to use PHP coding. You may need runPHP plugin (see below) for this to work.
Extended Live Archives 0.10beta-r18 Implements a dynamic archive, inspired by Binary Bonsai and the original Super Archives by Jonas Rabbe. Visit the ELA option panel to initialize the plugin. By Arnaud Froment. Very cool. Archives based on both categories and by date.These archives can be in a page or sidebar.
FAlbum 0.5.6 A plugin for displaying your Flickr photosets and photos in a gallery format on your WordPress site. By Elijah Cornell. This is needed for displaying flickr photos in the Tiga theme that I use. You can probably use it with any theme.
Favicon Manager 0.1 Adds your favicon to your headers and/or rss feeds. By Digital Ramble. Self explanatory.
Google Analytics 2.2 Terms of useDoc/FAQSupport forum — Adds Google analytics to your blog, with all sorts of advanced tracking toys enabled. By Denis de Bernardy. Makes adding the Google Analytics code to your blog easy. Google analytics is a free weblog analyzer.
Gregarious 2.0 RC 1 The ultimate social bookmarking plugin. Need I say more? By Ankur Kothari. On my posts you’ll see “Share This” which allow you to share the post with many different social bookmarking sites. Keeps post from looking clogged with lots of icons.
MyBlogLog Plugin 0.4.2 Integrate MyBlogLog into WordPress instantly. By MyBlogLog. I still haven’t gotten this one to work yet, but you can try it.
MyBlogLog Widget 2 Adds MyBlogLog widget to your blog. By MyBlogLog Team. Will make setting up your MyBlogLog widget easy.
Paypal Donate 1 Allows easy addition of Paypal donate buttons in pages and posts. By Mikhail Esteves. No more to say on this one. It works.
Popularity Contest 1.2.1 This will enable ranking of your posts by popularity; using the behavior of your visitors to determine each post’s popularity. You set a value (or use the default value) for every post view, comment, etc. and the popularity of your posts is calculated based on those values. Once you have activated the plugin, you can configure the Popularity Values and View Reports. You can also use the included Template Tags to display post popularity and lists of popular posts on your blog. By Alex King. Displaying most popular posts. Just added this and haven’t really maximized it yet, but the description shows you that you can really do a lot with it.
runPHP 2.1b Allows you to put PHP code into a post and have it eval()’d. By James Van Lommel. May be needed with EXECPHP plugin. Also allows you to run php in a post. When writing the post, you just need to check the little box saying “enable php?”
Show Top Commentators 1.03 Encourage more feedback and discussion from readers, by rewarding them every time they post a comment! Readers with the most comments are displayed on your WordPress blog, with their names (linked to their website if they provided one). By Nate Sanden. This will need to be pul into an ExecPHP widget to work since it uses php coding. Very customizable.
Sidebar Widgets Adds “Sidebar Widgets� panel under Presentation menu By Automattic, Inc.. This is much like the blogger text widgets where you can put any html code inside.
SRG Clean Archives 2.1 A nice uniform way to display your archives. By Shawn Grimes. Archives by date. Customizable. Works great.
Subscribe To Comments 2.1 Allows readers to recieve notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry. Based on version 1 from Scriptygoddess By Mark Jaquith. This is a great plugin. It allows your readers to subscribe to comments with a checkbox which makes it easy for them, thus increasing the likihood that they will return to make more comments. A must have!
WP-Amazon 2.0 Beta 1.1 WP-Amazon adds the ability to search and include items from Amazon to your entries. By Rich Manalang. If you are an amazon affiliate, this plugin will make linking to amazon products very easy within your posts.

You can also see my post on increasing the number of text widgets here.

Here is my post on how to install and use WordPress Plugins.

Here is a link to JohnTP’s best Wordpress Plugins and here is a list of many other “Best Plugins” postings from other blogs.

Thanks for dropping by. If you liked this post please click here to subscribe to my blog! And as always, I love your comments! Let the community here know if you’ve found any other must-have plugins. Thanks!


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How to Install and Use WordPress Plugins

Using and Installing WordPress Widgets

Many of my readers have found value in my post Moving From Blogger to WordPress. And they have asked for more posts along these lines. Today I’m going to share with you how to install and use WordPress plugins.


WordPress vs. Blogger

Blogger makes adding widgets very easy inside their template, but anyone with experience using Blogger knows that that ease comes at a price, less overall flexibility. So WordPress will give you much more flexibility, but you’ll need to spend a little upfront time setting things up. Once you get the hang of adding plugins you’ll be able to do it very quickly.

Getting Started

Once you’ve set up WordPress and picked your theme, then you’ll want to add plugins which are like widgets in Blogger. The first one you should add is SideBar Widgets By Automattic, Inc. which adds a “Sidebar Widgetsâ€? panel under the Presentation menu in your WordPress Admin panel. This will give you up to 9 widgets. Many people will need more. See my post on the easy way to increase the number of sidebar widgets beyond 9.

For plugins that require PHP coding, you’ll want to add Executable PHP widget by Otto. Both of these should be added to your plugins>widgets directory on your server.

Adding Plugins

  1. README. Each plugin usually has a text file called ReadMe. Read this! Better: print it out for ease of reference. It will have installation instructions, FAQ’s and troubleshooting information.
  2. UPLOAD. For each plugin you add including the two listed above, you’ll need to upload them via FTP to your server. In most cases you’ll be uploading to the Plugin directory, usually located in this order /public_html/wp-content/plugins/.
  3. CHMOD. (optional-see ReadMe file for the plugin)For some plugins you may need to make the file writable. To do this go to your FTP client and click on the properties of the plugin file. Then change the file attributes by typing in the number 755.
  4. ACTIVATE. In your WordPress Admin panel go to Plugins. Scroll down to your newly uploaded plugin and click on Activate.
  5. ADD. Go to Presentation in your admin panel. Then go into Sidebar Widgets. In here you can set how many text Sidebar Widgets you want. (If you want more than the default 9, you can get instruction for increasing that amount here.)

Using TEXT Widgets

  1. DRAG. Drag the sidebar widgets into your sidebar column.
  2. CLICK. Click on the X on the widget.
  3. TYPE. Type in the html code into the box that opens. Type the title for the widget.
  4. CLICK. Click outside the widget box to finish.
  5. SAVE. Click on save options.
  6. REVIEW. Check your site to see if it is loading properly.

Using EXECPHP Widgets

  1. REPEAT. Use the same steps as above.
  2. TROUBLESHOOT. If the element doesn’t show up properly on your blog, you probably need to add runPHP plugin by James Van Lommel for these widgets to work properly.

Hopefully this will help former Blogger bloggers to start using Wordpress plugins with ease. Good luck.

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It’s OK to Not Finish Your Peas

Reading Book Reviews

I used to think that my hobby was reading books. And it is… or used to be before I became a parent, but that’s not the whole story. What I’ve discovered is that more often than not, I read the book review, become interested in the subject or story, buy or borrow the book, and then never finish the book. It’s not for lack of interest or willingness to do the work of reading. It’s that my interests greatly exceed my time. So I’ve determined that my hobby has become reading book reviews.

BooksSelf Flagellation

This realization has taken me a while to acknowledge consciously. But as the unread books in my room keep piling up, I’ve had to face it. And my first reaction has been to beat myself up about it, mentally that is.

I tried behavior therapy such as not allowing myself to buy books anymore. Only library books for a while. But then I started modifying my rule, saying well if I buy a book from a yard sale, then that’s OK. But it’s not OK. The books keep piling up. And I keep feeling bad.

I tried disallowing book review reading. If I am not tempted by the luscious new books hitting the bookshelves, then I won’t buy any more books, right? But that didn’t work. I found myself doing drive-by’s of the bookstore like a lover mourning a break-up. And eventually I found myself inside the bookstore… on the way to the grocery store… just a quick stop I told myself.


So fast forward to today. I was trying to think of a story to write for the Not-So-Boring Challenge, and it hit me! It’s OK to not finish every book I buy or borrow. It’s OK to only skim a book. It’s OK if you rarely use that power tool you impulsively bought that’s collecting dust in the garage. It’s OK if it takes 2 years to finish the quilting project you were so excited about at the start.

Hobbies should be fun. We shouldn’t attach our crazy insane work ethic to our hobbies, because if we do, then they become work and then we avoid them altogether.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to read what I can, skim without guilt, and enjoy reading book reviews. Maybe I’ll even allow myself to fantasize about buying a new book now and then.

….And now over to Not-So-Boring-Life’s Rare Must Read Books to see if I can find something juicy to read….or not read! 🙂


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